Chevrolet EU Space Saver Spare Wheel

Road Hero is the number one Chevrolet EU space saver spare wheel and tyre solution! Many motorists don’t even realise they are driving around without a spare wheel in their vehicle, which makes getting a flat tyre both stressful and time consuming. Save yourself the inconvenience of having to wait for recovery after a puncture by keeping a Road Hero in the boot. With our smart, all-in-one kit you can quickly and easily swap your broken wheel for a fresh new one by yourself and continue on your journey. Its always best to be prepared and by choosing to store one of our compact wheels in the vehicle you can be ready for when a flat tyre might otherwise leave you stranded. We supply all the tools you need and they are conveniently strapped to wheel so they cannot be misplaced. The wheel you order is customised to your specific vehicle make and model as well as being pre-fitted with a suitable tyre.

Why buy a Chevrolet EU space saver spare wheel?

Millions of vehicles are missing a spare wheel and since 2012 it is not even a requirement for manufacturers to supply one as standard; this is why we came up with the Road Hero. There was, and still is to this day, real demand for a reliable and cost-effective alternative to tyre slime that will aid motorists faced with an unrepairable puncture, blowout, or structural damage to the wheel. Our wheels are engineered for specific vehicle fitments, not solely relying on PCD & Offset, but also allowing for brake caliper clearance (X-Factor etc). We guarantee high quality products and excellent service as our team of steel wheel experts has over 30 years of automotive industry experience. Every space saver kit comes in a tidy bag that will protect your boot carpet from the wheel supplied and you can also use this to store the damaged wheel once the Road Hero has been fitted.

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Road Hero has been designed to cover all puncture situations and will include everything you need to get home safely. The informational video covers the contents of the Road Hero Kit, with more information available on our website.


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