Mitsubishi Space Saver Spare Wheel

Many Mitsubishi owners find themselves in need of a spare wheel, only to find that the manufacturer never provided one, so we introduced the Road Hero space saver spare wheel to help them. We want to help as many motorists as possible by offering an alternative to tyre slime that will get them moving again after a puncture. Getting you back home or to the nearest garage following a tyre going flat is our priority and with one of our wheels, the process is quick and stress-free. It may be compact, but the kit you receive is strong, reliable and more than capable of getting you back on the road. Each item inside of the tidy carry bag the Road Hero comes in has been designed to match your specific Mitsubishi model so you can be sure it will fit perfectly right out of the bag.

What do you get in a Mitsubishi space saver spare wheel kit?

The correct wheel for your vehicle comes with a suitable tyre already fitted and for the changeover we include both a brace and jack, again these are tailored to your requirements. We pride ourselves on offering a service that is second to none, so if you have any questions about Road Hero, a member of our team will be more than happy to assist you. Our high-quality, original product is distributed by Wheelwright, the steel wheel specialists, so you can trust that we are experts in our field. The space savers we produce are only available through our trusted dealer network and many are already stocking this across their stores.

There are Road Hero dealers spread far and wide, all the way from Northern Ireland to Guernsey so get in touch with your local Mitsubishi space saver spare wheel supplier to order yours today


Road Hero has been designed to cover all puncture situations and will include everything you need to get home safely. The informational video covers the contents of the Road Hero Kit, with more information available on our website.


Visit our FAQ page on the link below for further information.