Porsche Space Saver Spare Wheel

When you get a puncture it is important that the spare wheel you fit is right for your vehicle, with Road Hero your space saver is matched to your specific make and model so there is no need to worry. We offer the most comprehensive wheel kit on the market and it is tailored to each customer’s requirements. It is so much more than simply a spare wheel, as it comes fitted with a suitable tyre and you will find all the tools you need stowed away in the rear of the wheel itself. You can trust Road Hero to get you home safely and you can use it to get your vehicle to the nearest garage where they can fit a regular wheel in its place.

What are the benefits of a space saver spare wheel?

Following a puncture, the damaged wheel needs to be removed. Rather than having to put it directly into your boot, where it would spread dirt and ruin your carpet, the Road Hero kit’s carry bag can double as storage for the old wheel and offer effective protection against scuffs or marks. Strapped to the space saver are the brace and jack, each matched to your vehicle and designed for simple operation, regardless of your level of experience. Being stranded with a flat tyre is never an ideal situation, however many motorists find themselves stuck waiting for recovery because their vehicle manufacturer did not provide them with a spare wheel.

Getting hold of a space saver spare wheel for your Porsche is easy!

All you need to do is enter your vehicle’s details along with your location here on our website and you will be shown the correct product, then where you can order it from. We have a network of trusted dealers stocking Road Hero across their stores nationwide, so find your local supplier today!


Road Hero has been designed to cover all puncture situations and will include everything you need to get home safely. The informational video covers the contents of the Road Hero Kit, with more information available on our website.


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