Vauxhall Corsa Space Saver Spare Wheel

Keeping a space saver spare wheel in the boot of your Vauxhall Corsa is vitally important, since otherwise you might find yourself stranded at the roadside if one of your tyres suddenly goes flat.

Vauxhall Corsa Space Saver Spare Wheel – Find a Local Retailer!

A spare wheel no longer comes as standard with most vehicles and if you are not aware of this fact, it can be a shock to find its missing when faced with a tyre malfunction.

Space Saver Spare Wheel – Get Home Safe…

RoadHero is designed to be a temporary measure that will safely get you back home, or to the nearest garage where your Corsa can be repaired. All items in the kit are high-quality and reliable, giving drivers peace of mind.

Looking for a Vauxhall Corsa Space Saver Spare Wheel?

Trusted retailers are located across the map so there is sure to be one local to you. If not, simply give our team a call to discuss your Vauxhall Corsa spare wheel requirements.


Road Hero has been designed to cover all puncture situations and will include everything you need to get home safely. The informational video covers the contents of the Road Hero Kit, with more information available on our website.


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