Vauxhall Mokka Space Saver Spare Wheel

RoadHero’s innovative space saver spare wheel is a must-have for any Vauxhall Mokka owner. The wheel, which is fitted with the correct sized tyre for your car, comes with a kit full of items that will help you handle any kind of tyre malfunction.

Vauxhall Mokka Space Saver Spare Wheel – Find a Local Retailer!

Punctures are a big problem for drivers who don’t realise their car has no spare wheel until its too late. Be better prepared for a breakdown by keeping a reliable, compact spare wheel kit in the boot of your Mokka.

Space Saver Spare Wheel – Get Home Safe…

With a space saver wheel fitted, you can quickly get your Vauxhall to safety, either by driving back home, or going to the nearest garage for repairs.

Looking for a Vauxhall Mokka Space Saver Spare Wheel?

Use our locator map to find a RoadHero supplier near to you, or speak to a member of our team if you have any questions about buying your new spare wheel.


Road Hero has been designed to cover all puncture situations and will include everything you need to get home safely. The informational video covers the contents of the Road Hero Kit, with more information available on our website.


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